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“Reflecting on St. Tropez”
“Reflecting on St. Tropez”
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"Illume - East Manhattan"
“Live Every Moment – Antibes”
“Live Every Moment – Antibes”
"Salem Art Sisters"
"Market La Colmena - Barcelona"
"Galleria Versace of Milan"
"Light Years - Revisited"
"Williamsburg Charm"
"Alluring Bear Lake - Colorado"
"Summer Solitude"
"Fashion Facade"
"Window Watching"
"China Doll Reflections"
"Gulf Rim Reflections"
"Night Lights of the Big Apple"
"Behai Reflections"
"Sweet Southport"
"Tarpley & Co."
"NYC Sweettooth"
"Light Years"
"Signs of Things To Come"
"Teatime in Guangzhou"
"Treasures of the Heart"
"Drawn to the Light"
"China, Tea and Me"
"Cycle of Color"