Work featured in The Art of Watercolor

Work featured in "The Art of Watercolor"


I received an international magazine in the mail, "The Art of Watercolor" (printed in English and French) of which I'm one of the featured artists. (I have a copy of the Contents page at the download link.)

"Colour and light are at the heart of our new spring issue: artists Susan Harrison-Tustain and Janine Gallizia share their best-kept secrets to enhance and create harmony in your paintings. City landscapes, whether it be Venice, New York or London, are also the focus of painters Kazuo Kasai, Sandra Walker and David Stickel, whose work more particularly dwells on the rendering of window reflections. Plus Stephen Scott Young's watercolour and etching portraits, Mark Mehaffey's both abstract and figurative works, and Rose Edin's trip to Egypt."


• 1st edition of the World Watercolour Competition: what’s in store.

• International news: Watercolour events from all over the world.

• Societies around the world: Couleurs d’ailleurs, France.

• Readers’ letters: our answers to your questions!

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