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NC State Fair News

NC State Fair News

What an AMAZING week! After the great news of 1st Place from last weekend’s Watercolor Society of North Carolina Exhibition, I was hoping to receive a call from the NC State Fair with good news about my entries for this year. However, Hurricane Michael had other ideas and came roaring through first. So, with no electricity for several days, wifi or phone service, I had no idea of the results. Then while pumping water out of our basement Thursday morning (at 4 AM!) I was finally able to check e-mail and Facebook.

To my complete surprise and amazement, someone had posted the photos below that informed me that I had been awarded ‘Best of Show’ for “The Lady of Catalana” and ‘Best North Carolina Scene’ for “Fall Beauty on the Blue Ridge.”

Both can be seen during the annual Orange County Open Studio Tour--November 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th. http://ocagnc.org/

Link: Orange County Open

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