Just Released! Splash 13: Alternative Approaches

Just Released! "Splash 13: Alternative Approaches"

Again, I'm very fortunate to have made the ''Splash'' Winners List!

It's always an honor to be included in next 'Splash' book. This makes my 4th 'big splash', with the acceptance of "Afternoon Stroll-Ocean Isle" scheduled for inclusion in "Splash 15" sometime in 2013. I'm encouraged to be one of 115 artists selected to appear in Splash 13: Alternative Approaches! This year’s winners were selected by Rachel Wolf and the team of judges from over 1600 beautiful watercolor entries!


"Sweet Southport", a store-front window scene from the beautiful, picturesque NC coastal town of Southport -- was chosen. Look closely...or you might miss the two vehicles in the window reflections. In addition, another favorite, AWS award winner, "Light Years". was accepted and added to the on-line Link: Splash 13 Bonus PDF.

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