About David

About David

"Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary." (Warren G. Bennis)


This concept of 'excellence' challenges me, as it once did the great masters--to create representational works through the medium of watercolor that speaks to the heart. It beckons the mind of the viewer into the beauty and creativity of the everyday wonders around us. I especially enjoy creating images that few others would ever consider painting because of their overwhelming complexity.

My parents and teachers observed from a young age my natural ability to draw and paint and always encouraged me to work hard to cultivate this gift from God. I began by drawing portraits of family and movie stars, because it seemed unique and special to capture someone's likeness on paper. Interestingly, some people have difficulty reconciling my 6'9'' size with the incredibly detailed realism of my paintings. In 1982 I graduated with an art degree from UNC-Asheville while on a basketball scholarship.

Known for my representational paintings of reflections--especially of windows. I love how each tells its own story--inside--as well as outside the window. My goal and passion is to paint an image on a 2-dimensional surface making it look as 3-dimensional as possible. I was honored several years ago to learn that 2 different friends at different times used one of my images (yellow hibiscus) as their "focal point" during labor and delivery!

I hold signature member status in the American Watercolor Society (AWS), the National Watercolor Society (NWS) as well as the Watercolor Society of North Carolina (WSNC). My painting, "Light Years", received a major award in the 2011 "144th AWS International Exhibition" in NYC and was my second piece to be selected to tour with the exhibition's prestigious traveling exhibit. This painting was also awarded Honorable Mention in 'Watercolor Artist' magazine's February 2011 issue. My paintings have been selected to be reproduced in several books and magazines. In 2009 "Treasures of the Heart"--featuring my two sons--was a finalist in 'Watercolor' magazine's annual cover competition. Other works have been featured in the popular watercolor books: The Best of Watercolor, The Best of Watercolor Vol. 3, (Rockport Publishers). Also, North Light Books, included several of my works in their popular watercolor series: Splash 8 (3 paintings), Splash 9, Splash 11, Splash 13 (2 paintings) and Splash 14. My work has been part of numerous ads in the magazines Guideposts and Our State. North Carolina Public Television aired several of my works along the theme of ''North Carolina is My Canvas.''

I draw inspiration for my compositions from my beloved North Carolina as well as two years in Africa, trips to China, Europe and throughout the U.S. (Colorado & the midwest) where I have lived or traveled. However, I agree with Andrew Wyeth, who once said there was enough subject matter in his own backyard to paint over several lifetimes.

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